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2022/2023 Updates!

Posted by Prince George Ski Club at Aug 15, 2022 6:39PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

*Please be ready to register on September 12, 2022 for the Purden Program

and September 26 for the Hart Program. *

Save the date! Our annual sandbagging fundraiser will be on September 16-18. Stay tuned for details.


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Wells, BC – From hugs to homemade cinnamon buns, to powder hungry skiers who’ll point you to the best glades on the hill, to night skiing and community movie nights, Troll Ski Resort is truly a village that is raising generations of avid lifestyle skiers and snowboarders.

“This is the best place on earth,” says Glen Boudreau, one of the Troll faithful. “And we have a sign just down the road that says so.”

Once you see that sign, about 40 minutes down the road from Quesnel, BC, be ready.

Fifty years on, one thing hasn’t changed: stoke on a powder day. Loading the tee behind Josh and Jax MacKenzie, I get welcomed on a local’s tour of some of the mountain’s best glades. One line after another of fresh, flowing turns, jumps and jams. A morning whips by.

Brushing snow off as I walk into the lodge, I see Hildur Sinclair, Troll’s second generation owner, sitting with two older men. I catch the twinkle in Dougal Hines’ eyes.

Hines joined the ski patrol over 20 years ago, and still spends a good chunk of his time here now that he’s retired. He’s sitting with Dave Walker, who for years earned his annual season pass to Troll by volunteering as a mechanic, tuning the hill’s snowcats. Walker started skiing here at around age 10, and he’s been here ever since. Both men have stories to tell, like so many Troll faithful.

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“I’ve been skiing at Troll for probably 21 years,” says Julie Dinsdale. “So these are the people we see every weekend and you just make some good friendships here. You talk to people and they don’t quite get it until they get here. The atmosphere is amazing and it’s like taking a step back in time. You don’t get it anywhere else.”

With an unassuming base lodge area, t-bar lifts and an under-promoted range of terrain, Troll Ski Resort doesn’t exude the grandeur of bigger destination resorts. But the skiing and the scene here is big, and has been lovingly cultivated for 50 years. Yet somehow it doesn’t feel like it’s aging.

Troll feels like one of those large extended families that always has room for one more at the table. And the 50th anniversary year is a homecoming, for old and new Troll faithful alike.

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Troll Ski Resort and Tourism Quesnel are partnering on a great #SkiNorthBC package for Troll’s 50th season – book a stay at the Billy Barker Casino Hotel and get discounts on accommodation, lift tickets, gear (Rocky Peak Outfitters) and beer (Barkerville Brewing. Co.)

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Jeremy Derksen
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Powder King regular Michael Watson describes the skiing experience at the area, on one of its frequent powder days, like this: “You get that shot of euphoria, and you come out and wait for your friend and they come out from a different line, and they look at you and they’re just like, ‘woah,’ and you’re both like ‘Yeah!’”

“It’s almost indescribable to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it, that rush and focus at the same time.”

“It’s the flow state,” adds his adventure buddy, Jessie Seniunas. “Just focusing on what you’re doing, there’s no disruptions in your brain from the world, there’s no noise. You’re not thinking about what you’ve gotta do later it’s just – oh that’s a cool line. For hours and hours.”

The intensity generated out of such shared experiences creates strong bonds between friends, but also to this northern mountain. The Powder King loyal are serious about their hill.

At two hours’ drive north from Prince George, open Thursday to Monday through the main season, the ski resort’s northern locale attracts a certain type of skier. Powder seeking, fun-loving but driven to find something special.

For all the PK powder and fun, read the full story.

Not convinced? Read about the woman whose daughter’s middle name is Azouzetta, or the brides who’ve celebrated bachelorettes there, or the guy who stayed on staff for over 10 years to keep living his pow dreams, or the many others who shared their fond memories of PK in this story by SnowSeekers’ Doc Pow.

In between powder days, there’s even more to explore within five minutes of the resort. Azouzetta Lake Lodge, on its namesake lake, offers perfect down day relaxation in cozy A-frame chalets, with snowshoeing out your door on the lake, surrounded by mountain peaks.

At over 12 metres annual average snowfall, Powder King is more than worth the trek and the time for an experience that will leave you wanting more.

Read the full story here and check out the rest of SnowSeekers’ #SkiNorthBC coverage.


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Boottop blower greeted us on a quiet Wednesday at Hudson Bay Mountain, drifts and lips, gladed stashes and blown-in bowls set the stage for a day of powder skiing. Off the parking lot, the fastest way to the top is the Panorama T-bar.

I followed our local Smithers crew – Jake Daly, Marty Clemens, Claire Challen, Rob Dowling and John Tejada – into soft, flowing powder lines. Days like this, following the locals on a locals’ mountain, on a powder day, no less, are like few things in this life.

Latching on to Claire Challen, Rossignol-sponsored skier, coach and Smithereen, we’d found the ideal guide to the mountain. “There’s always a lot of snow and you don’t have to share it with a ton of people,” Challen confides. “There’s not many places you can ski powder all day.”

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After lapping the T a few times, Challen points us towards the chairlift on HBM’s North Face. The north facing chair side has less wind exposure and holds the snow better, she explains. With gentle green groomers and blues on one side and ungroomed diamonds on the other, it allows everyone in the group to ski at their own speed.
“That’s our favourite place to ski,” Challen says. “It’s steep, there’s always powder and incredible views of town.”

I’d been hearing about Smithers for years from core skiers who’d stumbled upon it one way or another. It was rated a must, a hidden gem. And it still is. Smithers is a real northern town with a real northern vibe – the #SmithersVibe.

To strike white gold in Smithers, watch the conditions report and when the storm cycle hits halfway through the weekend or the start of the week, start packing. Hudson Bay Mountain Resort is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so Wednesdays is a great day to cash in.

But never fear if you can’t straightline to Smithers midweek – with a population of only about 5,300 people, and at four hours’ drive from Prince George, it can take a while for the hill to get skied out between snowfalls.

The best way to ensure you’re the first to get it is with a Smithers Ski and Stay package… and some friendly tips from the locals.

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by: Brenda Beatty /

For Hildur Sinclair, memories of the early days at Troll Ski Resort fuel her enthusiasm for a place that has been home since her parents first opened the resort in the 1970s. Like the first two seasons before Troll Ski Resort had electricity: it was wood stoves for heating and a two-burner camp stove in the kitchen with kerosene lamps for lodge lighting.
Troll Ski Resort, in the Cariboo Mountains, 40 minutes east of Quesnel BC, has a lot to celebrate this winter, its 50th season of getting people on skis. The season of celebration will peak during the family day weekend in February, when skiers and snowboarders will reminisce, and toast the transformation of a wild mountain valley into the winter home for so many.

Troll doesn’t exist as a nostalgic relic, however. New skiers are born every season and welcomed to the world of Troll Ski Resort.
Discover the 50-year legacy of Troll Ski Resort in this story.

Tyler Dinsdale was born in Quesnel and became a skier at Troll in the 80s. There are few seasons that he’s missed winter at Troll. Now his whole family is committed to the ski life. From first clicks into bindings on the bunny hill to skinning up the slack-country of this little Cariboo gem, his three boys have progressed in their skiing and their social lives during winters at Troll.

Troll Ski Resort doesn’t rest on its legacy as an under-the-radar, family-friendly ski hill, however. In the last five years, Troll’s skiable terrain has increased 30 per cent with lift access to the incredible Silver Bowl. A community of tiny homes and trailers has sprung up across the road at Trailer Town, the T-Bar Lounge offers up creative winter drinks and local Barkerville Brewery beers for a cozy après experience, and night skiing is coming back this winter.

Read more about how you can celebrate Troll’s 50th season of skiing!

Few things these days are built to last 50 years and even when they are, they don’t always get better with age. But at Troll, there’s always something more brewing and in the next two to three years, a fourth T-bar will provide easy access to the Eastern Slope of Pinegrove Mountain. More to look forward to as Troll heads into its second half century!
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Troll Ski Resort is a 40 minute drive East of Quesnel BC on highway 26, or a 90 minute drive Southeast of Prince George BC.

Learn more about Troll and its friendly local scene here.

Be sure to book and save with these #SkiNorthBC special offers!

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