SnowSeekers: Powder King Mountain Resort

Posted by Prince George Ski Club on Mar 16 2019 at 05:38PM PDT in 2018/19 Season

Behind the Scenes – Powder King Mountain Resort

By DOC POW, SnowSeekers

Operation Spring Break

Over the next few days, we are announcing a new spring break spot that you, as a PG Ski Club member might want to take your family this March 2019.

Today’s showcased spot is Powder King Mountain Resort, a destination that holds a mystic for those from the south, but is our own wintery Shangri-La.

We’ve partnered up with our friends @SnowSeekers to help you make an informed decision this spring break about which winter destination your family might want to choose.

For those of us who have been there, we know the hill lives up to its name, and this year, it’s being blessed with perfectly-timed snowfalls for some great spring skiing. So what do we have here:
• Cat skiing conditions at lift ticket prices
• Long gone are the Chateau Atcos, now it’s the wonderful Azouzetta Lake Lodge that host visitors
• The “Kings Cup Race”: takes place April 6. A fundraiser for the ski club, it’s the ultimate “race against yourself” challenge.
One thing you definitely want to check out is Powder Town. The locals are proud to show you their latest, yet ongoing, goal.
Learn more by reading “Powder Town is open for business”: or “The Powder King community blanket”:


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